Integrations with Active911

Active911 integrates with many different software and services. This allows you to get the most out of your service. Here are some of the companies we partner with, but if you have an integration you would like to see, we have an integration API that someone in your IT department can utilize to provide even more.

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CADs We Work With

We are able work with with most CAD system to deliver alerts to your agency's devices. At this time we don't fully integrate with any CADs (providing two-way communication between Active911 and the CAD).


However, we are able to send CAD alerts directly from your dispatch/CAD system to your Active911 device using Simple Mail Transfer Protocol or Simple Network Paging Protocol. This is very easy to set-up. Once you start your free trial, we will be happy to assist you and your dispatch center in getting the CAD set-up with Active911.