March News

NEW FACE! This month we welcomed Britt Walcott as the newest member of the Active911 team. Britt will be working in the tech support group, so many of you will be talking to her directly.

ACTIVE911 WIKI: Our documentation has become disorganized and incomplete. We are fixing this by replacing our current help pages with an Active911 Wiki. The new source for Active911 documentation is now , and the old help files will be going away.
Using a wiki allows us to keep things updated in a much more complete and timely way. It also allows Active911 users with the technical experience to augment our procedures with their own information. For example, it will now include notes on integration with various CAD systems; training materials; how-to guides, and the like. So far we are very happy with it. If you have something to add, please do so. We will continue to curate the wiki to make sure it stays on track.

NEW API: An API is an “Applications Programming Interface”, or in layman terms, it’s a way for 3rd parties or users to integrate their custom software with Active911. We have a new REST based API for you to use, and it is documented on the above mentioned wiki. It’s an alpha release of the API, so we encourage your feedback. Those who are interested can email support to get added to our developer Google Group.
Of course, we don’t share your data with 3rd parties without your permission. But if you do want to have data shared with an external app or system, this is the way to do it.

CADPAGE: Last month we announced that we were going to be changing the way Cadpage devices interpreted (parsed) alarm data, at Cadpages’ request. We started to implement this, but realized that we needed to do a massive rewrite of our alert server code. We’ve grown to the point that a bunch of work was needed to reorganize things at the alert server, and hopefully fix a few bugs (add some features) at the same time. So that is what we have been working on for the last couple weeks. The Cadpage change will come once we put this code into play.

FEATURE REQUESTS: A lot of you are waiting for a particular feature that you’ve requested from us. We’re a lot slower putting these features out these days, mostly because we’re growing so fast that we have to spend a lot of time working on boring server stuff to keep up with future growth. Also, we’ve accumulated so many feature requests that we can’t possibly work on them all at once! To combat this, we are hiring more developers ( A lot of time was taken up this month with backend stuff and the API. Thanks for your continued patience.

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