Active911 for Android

As of 0700 PT today, Active911 for Android is available for free download! If you are using an Android device with Active911, just go to Google Play and search for “Active911” (one word, no spaces) or visit .

If you are currently using Cadpage, please be aware that having both apps installed at the same time may cause problems! Please completely uninstall whichever app you don't want to use. Full installation instructions can be found here:

Active911 for Android gives you access to all kinds of goodies previously only available to iPhone and iPad users. You can view the location of all your people or resources in real time. You can view Map Data and see your hydrants, pre incident plans, and site photos. And of course you get immediate alerts and mapping.

Since this is our very first Android release, we know people will find some bugs. We've done a lot of testing to make sure things are as bug free as reasonably possible, but in case you find something you don't like, don't panic. Just drop us an email at and let us know.

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